The High School Exchange



The first student exchange between Strasbourg and Boston took place in 1984. It was initiated by the "Association Alsace - Etats-Unis" and has been developing since then, as a result of the collaboration between the City of Boston, the City of Strasbourg and the Sister-city associations in both cities. More than 300 students from Strasbourg and Boston have been able to discover another way of life and to improve their knowledge of a foreign language thanks to this exchange organized each summer alternately in each town.

Quotes from past participants

“…The opportunity to participate in the high school exchange in Strasbourg gave me the confidence and motivation to succeed in college and beyond; and the friendships that I formed there have lasted more than fifteen years….”

“…The Strasbourg exchange provided me with an unbelievable experience I will never forget.  At first I worried about traveling without my family all the way to France.  But before I knew it, I realized that I was with family.….”

“… I have learned that language barriers are irrelevant when it comes to friendship. I have learned to embrace and appreciate cultural differences and to step out of my own comfort zone, because without a sense of adventure, who knows what kinds of triumphs and fullness of life might be lost…”