Boston-Strasbourg Artist Exchange Program

The Boston-Strasbourg Artist Exchange Program provides contact information for artists in Boston, MA, USA and Strasbourg, Alsace, France who have an interest in exchanging their living and studio spaces for a mutually agreed upon time period.

All arrangements are made between the artists who list their time requirements, space required, etc.  This can be done by forwarding information to or by posting to the Artist Exchange Forum (please see the link below).  Similar information will be listed by artists in Strasbourg.

The Artists Exchange Program provides only the information of available artists interested in making an exchange.  The Artists Exchange program is NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR FINANCES AND IS NOT LIABLE IN ANY WAY CONCERNING ANY ARRANGEMENTS MADE BETWEEN THE ARTISTS AND DOES NOT PROVIDES SUPPORT OF ANY KIND.  All arrangements, finances, etc are the responsibility of the artists.

Vist the Artist Exchange Forum

Visit the Artist Exchange Forum here.  You may start a discussion to offer your living and studio space or you may read about the opportunities that are available for an exchange.