Sejour A Strasbourg Sejour A Strasbourg Reception at the Residence of Evan G. Reade, U.S. Consul General 172538181 Agathe Bischoff-Morales Displays the Gutenberg Bible 172538173 Les Hospices de Strasbourg 172538174 Daniel Embree on a Studio Visit 172538175 Kathy Moss, Kathryn Portle and Ione Malloy enjoy the view 172538176 Kristine Arena on the CityTour 172538177 Mediatheque Andre Malraux 172538178 Par Avion Author Ann Forbush at the Opening Rception 172538179 Par Avion Exhibition Reception at l'Hotel de Ville This was the first time that all artwork pieces from the Par Avion Project were displayed together. 172538180 Stairs Inside the European Parliament Building 172538182