Par Avion Project Par Avion Project Printing Making in Action 159459551 Par Avion Boston Artists 159459558 Ann Forbush at work with the Printing Press 159459549 The 1st Artwork Drop-Off Party 159459563 Artwork Drop-Off Party 159459560 The Artwork on Display 159459546 Ann Forbush at Work 159459554 Ania Gilmore, Ann Forbush, & Ronnie Kamarow 159459545 Printing plate and image by Sara David Ringler, 159459562 Artist Alexandra Sheldon with her Work 159459547 2nd Artwork Drop-Off Party 159459561 Ann Forbush and Ronnie Kamarow The braintrust behind the Par Avion Project: Ann was the author and Ronnie was the Graphic Designer who created the logo and catalog. 159459548 The Exhibit Comes to Life 159459559 Artist Ania Gilmore and her Artwork 159459555 Installation at the French Cultural Center 159459552 Ann Forbush and Stephanie Stigliano 159459550 Par Avion Artwork on Display 159459556 Mary Louise Burke, Catheline van den Branden, & Ann Forbush The BSSCA President, French Cultural Center Executive Director, & Par Avion Project Author 159459553 Opening Reception at the French Cultural Center Eager art-goers enjoy the reception. 159459544 Par Avion Boston Artists at the Opening Reception 159459557 Par Avion Artwork 160052807 Ania, Mary Louise, and Ann 160052808 Par Avion Opening Reception2 160052809